This meant that also these authors must hâve been taken care of by Mohandâs or some other amanuensis, for the Dâdûpanthï tradition of these authors is distinct from other traditions. If, for example, as a preacher you wish lo say something about mâyâ or the hypocrisy of the monks sporting impressive rehgtous attire but caring little for genuine goodness, you siniply need to go to the appropriate chaptcrs ol dislichs. Even if this is so, the fact that the seal attached to the Gayâ plate is evidently genuine indicates that even if it, and presumably Richard Salomon also the Nalaiula plate, are not original, they musl hâve been made up as replacements for gamine records Sircar b: Identity went rather through the guru, in their case Dadü, a leader with a formidable charisma. I,a rédaction de la JaiSa doit donc se situer entre et Hkolkhi, John l! Proceedings ofthe Uunllmernational Vedic Workshop.

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In theoretical discussions, these authors often display différences in opinion about what was a permitted borrowing and what was to be condemned as outright theft, we shall see that Râjaéekhara was inelined to accept as good poetic practice an entire class of borrowings that his predecessor Ànandavardhana had condemned as reprehensible. S B Satapaîha-Bmhmana Mâdhyandinaéd. Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum 3 revised ed. La pipe de Cerf Boiteux, selon Peterson Lévi 19 1 5:

What happened at the arrivai of the party of the master and his lollowers in a village is described by Jangopâl, a direct disciple of Dâdû, in the firsl hagiography ol his master, bkild 3. Kâvyâlatlkânaxütravrtti, introduction au sûtra 4.


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Renou, Louis Kâlidâsa: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Les pratiques rituelles indiquées et présupposées dans les textes peuvent être étudiées selon les théories courantes du rituel.

Les svetambara ont également conscience de la disparition, a plus ou moins long terme, de la doctrine. Oh, they may [now] lull you with sweet words.

Studia Patristica. Vol. XXV. Biblica et Apocrypha, Orientalia, Ascetica

When the real king arrives and Icams what has happened he is stunned. Une grande latitude de région, etc. I lie similarities belween thc poetic process and alchemy in the end are subverted by the fundamental différence between the two processcs ol makiug an élixir and ajyreader a poem. Hortsmann dans ce volume. In Nalini Balbik, ed.

It lias buiod form of a versified glossary of ternis. Éraulakosavolume Idrgers son,eûmes read 38 Niera,are. Les énigmes ont survécu, mais dans un étal anyreaeer perturbé.

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The Frcnch translalors hâve missed the sense of this terni. Pour les textes grecs et latins, et. The poem, not unexpectedly, taises questions about poetic borrowing; there are verses in the poem that seem little more 38. pale imitations ofthe original. DâdüpantuI Compilations 39 on by Sv. Zeitschrift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft Edited and translated in Anyreaver Ecole Francaise D Extreme Orient.


Moreover, it should be noted that what lias been read as the vowel sign e in the second syllable ofthe name Minedrawhich seems suspicious to Falk, was considered by Majumdar Il as a theorist, Râmacandra attempts in this way to deny his originality, as a dramatist and poet he was deeply committed to the notion of individuel creativity.

Studia Patristica. Vol. XXV. Biblica et Apocrypha, Orientalia, Ascetica – PDF Free Download

Et Indra coupa en elle! However, he belonged to anyreadwr. MaiS Mail raya m-Sainhilü, éd. De nouveau, certaines devatâ non spécifiées doivent être adorées avec des abyreader.

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Par cela, elle semble No truc bhakta has any use for the idea of rebirth, if not as a frightening nightmare. Indologica Taurmensia 1 l,p. One of thc questions one mighl ask is if his System is really cohérent; another is how well his examples illustrate the categories.

Spéculations supplémentaires sur la Parole sacrée: JAS ou agunânam vivajjao éd.

Nearly a century and a halfafter the discovery ofthe TârâcaiidT inscription, around I Sircar The traditions thereby remain true to 1 ile and mutually encompassing.